I love what I do
I love what I do


Eikes approach to his work is driven by two opposing facets of his personality. With foundations in graphic design, he favors clear graphical imagery based on a solid vision and direction. But there is also his adventurous side which draws him to vibrant situations where he has to trust his instincts and depend on raw emotion. This combination is both unique and compelling and allows him to articulate his perfectionism while demonstrating his highly original approach to capturing that poetic moment and revealing its magic.


Nationaltheater Mannheim, Bjørn Melhus (Video Artist), Schauspielhaus Frankfurt, Schauspielhaus Graz, Stefan Panhans (Video Artist), Masterfood, Procter & Gamble, Nike, Becks, Beiersdorf, Olympus, Bahlsen, MTV, Viva, Arte, Volksbank Stuttgart, Ferrero, Misereor, Vodafone, Thalia Theater Hamburg, Schauspielhaus Mainz, Red Bull, RWE, Staatskanzlei Mainz (selection)


"Die Revolution frisst ihre Kinder!" by Jan Christoph Gockel, Schauspielhaus Graz won the Nestroy Preis Beste Bundesländer Aufführung in 2019 in Vienna.

“Sugar“ by Bjørn Melhus won the Prize for the Best Contribution to the German Competition at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2020.

“Freedom & Independence“ by Bjørn Melhus won the golden „Lola“ (Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis) for the best experimental shortfilm 2015.

The medium length fully improvised film "Heilig Abend mit Hase" by Lilli Thalgott won the audience award at the 2012 "Max Ophüls Preis" festival.

The documentary "Berlin Playground - Hans im Glück" by Claudia Lehmann was nominated at the 59th International Filmfestival Berlin Perspektive Deutsches Kino.

The shortfilm "Memoryeffekt" by Claudia Lehmann won the Shocking Shorts Award 2007, the Shorts at Moonlight 2007 MTK Price and was nominated at the 57th International Filmfestival Berlin Perspektive Deutsches Kino.



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